In the modern corporate world, advertising has become essential in reaching out to people for the purposes of marketing. It has always been this way but after the industrial revolution, marketing itself experienced a revolution. We can observe the scale of marketing today if we step back and remove ourselves from our conditioned state.

Graphical presentation along with oral presentation is good marketing. However, because a graphical presentation is less time consuming and more artistic, it really has taken its way in the corporate world as well as a profession. There is a huge demand for graphic design, but there are lots of people working in this profession as well. The important question is, how do we choose a good design out of this ‘huge collection’ of designs?

Like any other selection process, there are a few things to consider before choosing a particular design. Discussed below are some selection criteria to consider.


Every design must be clearly understandable. That is the whole point of using graphics illustration . Since the dawn of mankind, we have been using visual means of communication. The means might have changed but the objective remains the same, therefore the requirement of a good design is that it has to be understandable. Creative: A good design will always be creative. There are a huge number of designs found that are just modified or repainted versions of another design. It is not acceptable and more importantly, totally unfair to the creator of the original design. Significance: Imagine a law firm which has a logo of a goat. What does that signify ? Nothing. If it does anything, it collects bad reputation. Now imagine a football team with the logo of a bull. Not only does it fit properly, but it bears a symbolic meaning. Since we’re using an illustration to communicate, the significance of the illustration is important. The following logo successfully signifies the brand. spartan_m


“The successful advertisement is the one which the client remembers.”

An out-of-the-box illustration is generally a good approach to achieving that kind of advertising success. It becomes particularly easier to achieve if the out-of-the-box thinking can bear a hidden message; this always draws attention. In business, attention is your most valuable resource. The trick is to use it properly. The following logo is a great example of out of the box thinking mixed with the beauty of hidden meaning. pittsburgh-zoo-and-ppg-aquarium-logo-large

Use of resources

Another important thing to notice is how the resources are applied in a design. Out of all the resources in graphical illustrations, colors, fonts and background are the most important ones to look out for. Colors: Colors usually have a greater effect on the viewers. It has been scientifically proven that colors can manipulate consumer behavior.


  1. Appearance 93%
  2. Texture 6%
  3. Sound/Smell 1%
  • 90 seconds is all it takes to make a sub-conscious decision about a product or environment.
  • Ads in color are read up to 40% more than the same ads in black and white.
  • 50% of shoppers don't return to a store because of aesthetics.

Something to watch out for is the overuse of fonts. Overuse generally makes the design look messy and amateur. Backgrounds cover the general area overall so it has a major significance as well. A good design will always have the proper applications of the right resources.

The criterions discussed thus far are just some of the most important factors to consider while deciding on a good design out of so many. Experimenting is always a good way to innovate in advertising and ultimately leading to better designing.

Taste varies from person to person, especially when it comes to art but a good design will receive the ‘good’ tag from at least 65% of the viewers.

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