There are a few things we all need while conducting business online. We all need to generate contracts to close deals with clients, agencies and freelancers. Communicating via email is almost an everyday task. Optimizing websites for search engines is vital for websites. To make these experiences better, we launched some free business tools.

Contract Template

Using our contract template, you can quickly generate contracts to hire freelance web designers and developers. The template is based on an open-source contract written by Stuff & Nonsense. The contract is very comprehensive and covers most aspects of a good web design and development contract. Most freelance designers and developers should be able to use the contract with little to no modification. It covers aspects such as design, assets, testing, revision, intellectual property rights and payment schedule.

Email Signature Maker

We communicate via email almost everyday. Yet, we notice that most individuals either have a very basic email signature or none at all. The impact of a good email signature is almost always underestimated. A good email signature helps improve brand recognition, credibility and it beautifully presents your credentials in a visually aesthetic manner. You can use our email signature maker to quickly generate an email signature that will make your emails look more professional.

SEO Checker

People often joke that “SEO is dead”. We’re creating data at an exponential pace and the importance of search is increasing rather than diminishing. Anyone who runs or owns a website needs to optimize for search. There’s a myriad of SEO tools out there and it can get complicated to derive some simple insights. Using our free SEO checker, you can easily analyze your website’s ranking.

Receipt Maker

While working with clients, we also need to make receipts and invoices. Generating invoices is critical need for virtually all businesses. Yet, there’s no easy way to do this, other than typing it up manually or using a complex software. We've created a simple receipt maker which allows you to quickly invoice products and services and include any notes, if needed. All calculations are handled automatically. You no longer need an accounting software. Neither do you need to do the calculations in Microsoft Excel and then pull into Microsoft Word. We are hopeful that these tools will save you a significant amount of time.

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