In order to strengthen your search strategy for the best graphic design agencies, you have to understand the current state of the graphic design industry. Following are some statistics to be aware of.

  • Almost 25% of ALL graphic designers are self-employed.
  • The United States has about 2.1 million graphics designers. Roughly 80% of them have a bachelor’s degree. The number of new jobs as of recent is around 12,000 only. All of this makes the industry very competitive from a job seeker’s point of view.
  • According to YokeDesign, there are about 8,000 graphic design businesses in Australia. 85% of them have 4 employees or less. The two largest players have less than 1% market share.
  • To summarize the above statistics, the graphic design industry is very competitive. Many people believe that graphic designing is a laid back profession but the truth is quite the opposite. Hours can get very long in order to meet client expectations. Also, there is a constant stress of finding new work.
“Due to high competition, the pay scale for graphic designing work is in favor of the employers.”

Due to high competition, the pay scale for graphic designing work is in favor of the employers. However, this also means that finding a good designer for your preferred budget can be cumbersome. The following picture best describes what employers can expect during their search for a graphic design agency.

“ThirdHand Bangladesh aims to be in that impossible utopia of fast, cheap and great at the same time.”

As demonstrated in the picture above, anything you get for free is likely to be useless. If you go for a service that is fast and cheap, you will end up with a mediocre outcome at best. If you go for a service that is cheap but great, it may take forever to get the work done. If the service of your choosing is both fast and great then it will be reflected in what you pay for the service. ThirdHand Bangladesh aims to be in that impossible utopia of fast, cheap and great at the same time. We have dedicated traditional artists, digital art veterans and we’re committed to prompt communication.

So how do you know if a graphic design agency is any good? Anyone can draw and anyone can learn to use software but the key differentiator is taste. Any graphic design agency worth their mettle will be aware of design trends. That is how you spot the diamond in the rough. You can either see their portfolio or ask design questions based on your needs. Following are some design trends worth considering and inquiring about when reaching out to graphic design agencies.

  • Flat Design – Flat design is a style of design that is a centered around a minimalist approach. It uses subtle depth, color-play, and motion. Flat is fast-loading and easy to mix with intricate designs which make it very versatile.
  • Playful Illustrations – Sketchy lines and brushstrokes are the rage and rightly so. Hand drawn illustrations such as doodle-design are artistically expressive yet sleek.
  • The New Retro – Retro design will always be trendy. It is currently largely influenced by the 80s, 90s, and arcade video games. Bold colors, pixel art, and geometric patterns are signature elements of this design type.
  • Motion – Most modern designs come with a flicker of movement to bring them to life. Such 2D animation is just enough to catch our attention while not distracting from the main content.
  • Minimalist Logotypes – Many modern logos utilize the concepts described so far to have a minimalist look. They use a flat design philosophy, subtle gradients, and crisp mono line styles.
  • Abstract Swiss – This is a recent design trend where layouts are deconstructed and distorted in a seemingly random way. This design style is rebellious and aims to break the rules.

The design styles listed above are just a few that are mention worthy among recent trends. There are more styles and many new ones are likely to emerge. Good graphic design agencies will follow design trends and often even create them.

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