The line between myths and facts are quite thick yet it is surprising how often these two are mixed up and mistaken for one another. People love myths so it’s no surprise that whatever you do, wherever you go, there’s always superstition. But for our own benefit, for our own clarity of concept, it’s important that we know what we’re getting into so you have to know the facts and the myths to distinguish them.

There are some interesting myths about graphic design and they’ve been alive for ages. Let’s take a look.


Graphic design is a small thing: This myth started a few decades back and granted that back then it ‘was’ a small thing but times have changed. It’s not a small thing anymore. There are literally giant companies feeding on graphic design in this competitive business market. It has grown into a mammoth field.

Graphic design is easy: We’re all familiar with how our society ignores the importance and sophistication of art and culture. Believe it or not, graphic design is an art and as easy as it looks and sounds, it’s not. But then again, what is?

Graphic design is not art: It’s more of a denial than a myth. A good number of people will deny or decline to give graphic design the recognition of art. Probably because it’s done on computer but creativity can come from anywhere as long as you have a unique idea.

Graphic designers earn a lot: This myth started with the revolution of digital marketing, probably because of the popularity and large use of visual illustrations in digital marketing. But what people don’t know is that there are too many designers out there so it’s tough to make good money.

Anyone can become a graphic designer: This is probably the most common and most ‘mythical’ myth. Graphic design is an art and not everyone can become an artist. It’s true that anyone can try, anyone can learn how to use/apply all the graphic designing tools but that doesn’t make them a designer. Learning art and being an artist are different things.

Of course, you can’t put a number on myths. The more you count, the more there are left. But these are the most common and notable myths you’ll come across about graphic design. Do your thing and you’ll find the differences between myth and fact yourself.

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