Digital marketing is the new business strategy. The more successful one’s digital marketing contents are, the more clients he can attract and that’s what boosts your business. However, since most people tend to get annoyed upon seeing an ad, it’s tough to run a successful digital marketing campaign. The following blog will focus on content that actually attracts audiences.

A recent study on internet users has shown that people are more interested in social media content followed by news articles and a recent addition in that group, video content. The points to be discussed are as follows.

  1. Social Media Content.
  2. News Content.
  3. Video Content.
  4. Educational Content.
  5. Interactive Content.
  6. Pop Culture Content/Update.
  7. Blogs/Research Content.
The Future of Content Consumption

Like everything else, the methods of digital marketing are ever changing. So how is the future looking. The answer is complicated. Three years ago people were more interested in images. Now, they prefer social media content. Logical assumption and research has projected that the future leans towards video content.

Content to Attract Your Audience

News Content: Imagine a shiny visual illustration with a picture of a printer saying “Buy the new DOBBY PRINTER”. Now imagine another content that states the news that Elon Musk has confirmed the launch date of Space X program and in the end, there is a line/logo that states that this news was brought to you by DOBBY PRINTER. Which one are you most likely to be interested in? I know I’d like the latest news update instead of a boring poster, which is the case for most of your audiences.

Social Media Content: Quick question, what do you use the internet for most of the time? Or another question – What is your most visited website? The answer will most probably be a social network. Since people spend so much time on social networks, it is only logical that they will prefer content that is related to it. Other than creating random ads, basing them on the social network platform can actually draw you more audience.

Video Content: It is true that social media is the hottest trend right now but consumer behaviour shows that soon it will lean more towards video content. It has already started to gather popularity. A recent research has shown that at least 43% users prefer video content. While making a video content can be tricky, in the long run, it might turn out to be rather useful. It is the future of digital marketing.

Educational Content: People always like to learn new things, no matter how tiny the fact is. Almost 40% of internet users lean towards educational content. That’s quite a number of audience. Picking up the interesting and relevant facts and making content out of them could be a good step to draw audiences. The following is a nice example of awareness/educational content that used fact. chickenad_noborder

Interactive Content: If anyone was talking to me without listening to anything that I have to say, I’d get really bored, and so will you. Interaction is very important to communicate with people whether it is in the physical world or virtual. The more interactive your contents are, the more audience you are likely to attract. For example, open-ended questions, asking for reviews or brain teasers are quite popular and effective in this aspect. eating-contest-store-poster

Pop Culture Updates: Everyone is interested in pop culture, more or less. For example, I’m waiting for the new ASSASSIN’S CREED MOVIE. Many of you might be waiting for the next Taylor Swift Album. Whatever it is, people like to stay updated on the latest pop culture news and since it is a pretty open and big field, there is room for a large variety of content. Comic book superheroes have become a big part of it in recent years. They can be used for advertising with some creative thinking. More and more people are getting addicted to pop culture every day. coke-design

Blog/Research Content: Last but not least, blogs and research content. Some say that blogs don’t serve digital marketing purposes, which is wrong. Almost 30% of users have shown that they would prefer blogs and about 47% of users were interested in research content. It is true that blogs are less popular amongst general consumers but there are still a good number of audiences who prefer informative content like blogs and research materials. These are the most popular types of content that tend to attract more audiences. There will be changes in demands in the coming years but the basic strategy will remain the same. Creative application of different content types should make for a successful marketing campaign.

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