PowerPoint & Résumé Design

Get ahead in your career. Use professional templates.

Focus on your content. We'll handle design.

Do you have a big presentation coming up? Tidying up a presentation can take up a lot of your time. Let us handle design while you focus on your content.

Using our PowerPoint design service, you will gain a competitive edge like no other. While your peer's are busying reviewing errors, you will be researching new content that will ramp up the insightfulness of your report.

We will spell-check, grammar-check and design your slides to perfection based on your guidelines. We understand you're busy so we'll always work towards fast turnaround times. Plus, we'll always be just a message away — like the secretary/assistant you never had.

PowerPoint Template Designer
Make your presentations applause worthy.

Your presentation will never be more persuasive. Your knowledge combined with our design skills can deliver a presentation capable of closing the least likeliest of deals.

Resume Designer

Redesign your resume

Employers' attention spans are getting shorter. We'll give your resume a unique design plus we'll also provide the consultation that resume writing services do.

Fast-track your career.